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vwd data manager treasury

Automatic data imports to your treasury/cash management system

The vwd data manager treasury provides you with standard data packets to meet the requirements of corporate treasury and procurement. With the closing rates of the foreign exchange, financial and commodity markets.

Need comprehensive interest rate and currency data? Looking for an efficient and reliable method of importing current market data into your treasury system in a way that suits you best?

If so, we would like to recommend vwd data manager treasury for rapid integration without compromising on your individual requirements.

vwd data manager treasury provides a broad spectrum of informative and up-to-date market information from across the entire vwd group data universe with a particular focus on treasury requirements. With straightforward access via the internet and smooth integration into your existing treasury systems, you can rely on vwd data manager treasury to give you the data you need in a convenient, secure and professional manner.

Comprehensive data universe

The data packages available are based on vwd group’s raw data and calculated
historical volatilities and on data provided  by broker, Tullett Prebon Information.

  • FX spots vs. EUR, USD, CHF
  • ECB fixings
  • FX spots - historical volatilities
  • FX forwards
  • Ibor rates
  • Ibor rates - historical volatilities
  • Deposit rates
  • Deposit rates - historical volatilities
  • Interest rate swaps
  • Interest rate swaps - historical volatilities

With such a wide range of standard basic packages to choose from, you can be sure that the data we send you matches your actual requirements, making it possible to combine flexibility with cost efficiency.

Alongside the basic packages we offer, you can opt for any number of additional data packages providing coverage, for example, of investment funds, bonds and index values.

Secure and convenient access

Your selected data packages will be stored in a root directory on an HTTP server. Up-to-date price files are downloaded each day using your access ID, which remains the same. A file history is also generated and sent with the file date.
The data is generated in accordance with previously agreed criteria. Thereafter, it can be imported via the internet whenever it suits you.

Fast and simple implementation

The data can be implemented rapidly into existing treasury systems such as SAP, Ecofinance, Richmond, Sungard, Technosis, Trinity and Bellin.

Just a few more short steps, including the configuration of automatic imports and mapping of the symbols for your treasury system (these can be carried out by the client), and vwd data manager treasury is ready to use.

Using the interface, your treasury department can now automatically provide relevant market data to inform decisions in areas such as cash and risk management, hedging, controlling, investor relations and sector screening.