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vwd market manager treasury

Solutions for the treasury in companies across all industries

The market data system vwd market manager treasury puts you into direct contact with the events of the financial and foreign exchange markets. It provides you with quick and detailed information so that you can make well-grounded decisions in the shortest possible time. All of the content modules available have been especially adapted to suit the requirements of the treasury.

Professional treasury management allows you to increase your company's potential earning opportunities. The latest rates and prices combined with sound background information form the basis of active financial management. This is the only way to correctly assess developments in the market and to act or react promptly to them.

The vwd market manager treasury provides you with a broad spectrum of information: You receive foreign exchange prices, money and capital market rates, market returns, swaps, forward rate agreements (FRAs), caps, floors and swaptions from various brokers (e.g. Tullett Prebon and ICAP).

You can access both German and international indexes as well as investment fund prices. Options and futures from Eurex, Xetra data as well as stocks and bonds from the German floor exchange system are all available in real-time. In addition, you receive reports from all of the key financial markets, interest and currency rate prognoses and comprehensive financial news.