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Winners vwd CASH Fund Awards announced

ING Investment Management and Banque de Luxembourg, both providers of investment funds, have received a Super Award during the second vwd CASH Fund Awards event. Lyxor Asset Management won the Super Award for ETF’s. In addition, ING Investment Management received, for the second year in a row, the Audience Award of the readers of the magazine CASH.

The vwd CASH Fund Awards 2013 was organized by vwd group and investment magazine CASH. The prizes are a reward for the best performing actively managed funds and its fund managers; and were presented on 5 March at a gala evening in the Westerunie in Amsterdam.

Banque de Luxembourg is the best fund house overall in the category providers with less than thirty and more than ten funds under management. ING Investment Management is the best fund provider with thirty funds or more. In addition, this year for the first time a Super Award for ETFs was presented. This award went to Lyxor Asset Management.

Group Awards

In addition, three Group Awards were presented to the best provider of funds approved in the Netherlands in three asset categories. The performances of the last five years played a big role in this. The asset categories that were considered were equity funds, bond funds and mixed funds. Banque de Luxembourg took off with the Equity Fund Overall Award. Pimco Global Advisors won the Bond Fund Overall Award. Allianz Group received the Mixed Fund Overall Award.

All awards are granted based on the vwd diamond rating. The funds, fund managers and fund houses with the highest scores received a prize. “The awards reward those funds that performed the best throughout all economic market conditions”, says Richard de Rooij, vwd group’s Business Director. “To be able to assess this, a fund has to exist for at least five years. An important part of the rating is determined by the yield, both the absolute yield over the past five years and the consistency of the yield on an annual basis.”


The risk taken is also of importance. Volatility, and not the risk-adjusted returns, was examined as one of the three criteria for risk. “Those usually work well in booming markets, but adjusting a negative yield for risk can lead to strange conclusions,” says de Rooij.

The degree of the fund’s capital preservation was also taken into account. This refers to the absolute losses in months during which the fund did worse than the risk-free rate.

Again, classification rules of the European Fund Classification Forum (EFCF), a working group of the European umbrella organization of asset managers Efama, were used. This way a clear set of criteria was available, against which each fund could clearly and objectively be assigned to a particular category.


Twenty managers of investment funds received a certificate because they are the best in their own category. Certificates were also awarded in three ETF categories. The winners are:

Investment funds categories: Bonds Emerging Markets

  • Fund house: KBC Asset Management
  • Fund: KBC Bonds Emerging Markets

Bonds Regular EUR Aggregate

  • Fund house: Amundi
  • Fund: Amundi Funds Bond US Opportunistic Core Plus AHE

Bonds Regular EUR Government

  • Fund house: BNP Paribas
  • Fund: Parvest Bond World Inflation-Linked Classic

Bonds Regular EUR High Yield

  • Fund house: Pimco Global Advisors
  • Fund: Pimco Global Investors Series Plc Diversified Income E Hedged EUR

Bonds Regular Global Currency Aggregate

  • Fund house:  Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Fund: Franklin Templeton Global Bond Fund A

Equity Advanced Europe

  • Fund house:  Comgest Asset Management
  • Fund: Comgest Growth plc Europe

Equity Asia Pacific

  • Fund house: Aberdeen Fund Management
  • Fund: Aberdeen Global Asian Smaller Companies Fund

Equity Central and Eastern Europe

  • Fund house: Schroder Investment Management
  • Fund: Schroder International Selection Fund Emerging Europe

Equity Emerging Markets

  • Fund house: Aberdeen Fund Management
  • Fund: Aberdeen Global Emerging Markets Smaller Companies Fund

Equity Euro Area

  • Fund house: Allianz Global Investors
  • Fund: Allianz Euroland Equity Growth

Equity Global

  • Fund house: Sarasin Fund Management
  • Fund: Sarasin Structured Return Fund (EUR)

Equity Japan

  • Fund house: Aberdeen Fund Management
  • Fund: Aberdeen Global Japanese Smaller Companies Fund

Equity Latin America

  • Fund house: Fidelity
  • Fund: Fidelity Funds Latin America Fund

Equity Netherlands

  • Fund house: Keijser Capital Asset Management
  • Fund: Add Value Fund N.V. 

Equity United States

  • Fund house: Morgan Stanley Investment Management
  • Fund: Morgan Stanley Investment Funds US Advantage Fund

Mixed Global Currency Balanced

  • Fund house:  Carmignac Gestion
  • Fund: Carmignac Patrimoine  A EUR

Mixed Global Currency Dynamic

  • Fund house: Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Fund: Franklin Templeton Global Fundamental Strategies

Money Market EUR

  • Fund house: Petercam Asset Management
  • Fund: Petercam B Fund Petercam Bonds Eur Short Term 1 Year

Money Market USD

  • Fund house: Amundi
  • Fund: Amundi Funds Cash USD

Real Estate

  • Fund house: Insinger de Beaufort Asset Management
  • Fund: Insinger de Beaufort Real Estate Equity Fund

ETFs categories: Bonds Regular EUR Government

  • Fund house: BlackRock
  • Fund: iShares Euro Government Bond 7-10

Equity Advanced Europe

  • Fund house: DB X-trackers/Deutsche Bank
  • Fund: db x-trackers Stoxx® Global Select Dividend 100 ETF 1

Equity United States

  • Fund house: Lyxor Asset Management
  • Fund: Lyxor ETF NASDAQ 100  D (EUR)