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Products and Solutions

From private investors with little background knowledge to skilled investing professionals. As a provider of financial market information and applications, we are committed to transparency on behalf of the investor and provide autonomous access to financial markets. This enables investment decisions to be made, evaluated and followed on the basis of neutral facts.

As professional users of our solutions, they profit from our carefully aligned products and services: from analysis, consultation and reporting to trading, marketing and sale of financial products – always while complying with regulatory requirements.

For media customers, we produce high quality content for print and online media and increase the benefits for users and readers in the process. Our services range from the provision of content to the complete preparation and provision of the required information. Our range of products and services is rounded out by our attractive advertising and marketing concepts as well as by the opportunity to generate additional income.

Corporates use our financial information and technology solutions primarily in treasury or in commodity trading. Targeted and tailored information is individually processed in existing systems. For research and analyses of markets we also offer appropriate market data systems.