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Customer consulting and sales support

Our solutions provide the ideal conditions for well-founded, legal customer consulting and support. We especially take into account the customer’s demand for automated implementation of regulatory changes. Integrated dynamic Value at Risk figures and EDG certificate ratings also offer consultants and investors a transparency in the complex selection and monitoring process for structured products.

Market Data Systems

The market data system vwd market manager delivers financial market and stock exchange information in realtime and is tailored to the requirements of banks, financial services providers and insurance companies.

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Quantitative Analyses

EDG offers quantitative analyses for the financial industry which permit market participants to understand complex (product) structures quickly.

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Risk Evaluation

Standardised risk transparency at portfolio level helps investors, advisors and asset managers understand and compare investment risks better and tailor them to risk appetite.

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vwd max value

The exclusive advertising site on the exchange pages of regional and national dailies.

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