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vwd finance guide

Contemporary interaction between the customer and financial service provider

FinTechs and Robo-Advisors are flooding the market and appear to be a simple and attractive alternative to the classical bank and advice. However, they only focus on reasonably-priced products such as ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). The vwd finance guide on the other hand offers more.

The vwd finance guide is a (self-) advice and monitoring tool for financial products with far-reaching possibilities for individualisation and development that is based on sound logics and adequately tackles regulatory topics.

With this state-of-the-art web application you can reach all groups of customers: The digitally native customer (who makes his own decisions), the hybrid customer (investors, who informs himself via the Internet, however nevertheless needs support in certain issues) and the asset management customer (on-boarding of customers, who like to leave the investment decision to someone else). In addition, the vwd finance guide can be used for support in the advice.

The vwd finance guide is supporting the multi-channel-strategy by gearing the advisory tool along customer preferences, model portfolios and algorithms as well as overall the entire investment process.

With the vwd finance guide you have very granular configuration possibilities: You can therefore multi-dimensional asset class structures, which can be defined down to the last detail, and have the possibility to stipulate several recommendation lists down to very granular setting and filter possibilities. The vwd finance guide is available to you ‘out-of-the-box’ and offers functionalities, with which you can operate quickly on the market and successfully differentiate yourself from the FinTech companies.

Set-up of the platform

Set-up of the platform

The vwd finance guide follows a modular set-up (see diagram). The investment horizon and investment duration are jointly stipulated with the investor and subsequently a granular offer coordinated that precisely suits the investor in the allocation and the product selection.  It offers a broad range of products that enables matchings to individual investor needs and preferences in order for them to be able to generate income in each market situation.

Customer Objectives
First of all the objectives of the investors, the target amount as well as the investment horizon are defined through the application.

Risk appetite and investment preferences
The preferences of the investor are deter-mined and the individual willingness to take risks, the expected return as well as the expectations with regard to costs and tradeability of the investment are recorded digitally.

Asset allocation

A suitable asset allocation is proposed based on the criteria defined by the customer.

Selection of instruments
The application proposes suitable invest-ment products to the customer per asset class. The customer can however also make a selection from further suitable alternative products.

The solution combines the competence of the customer in the asset allocation here with a sophisticated, neutral Product Governance. The selection of the products (financial products of all asset and packaging classes, which are stipulated by the provider) is made through a preference allocation. The individual product preferences are calculated cross-asset class by the independent valuation company EDG.

Documentation and transaction
Finally the application makes all relevant documents, product information and reports available to the customer and the transaction can be carried out via the order routing to the transaction system of the financial service provider.

In order for the investor to be able to reach his objectives, the compiled customer-individual portfolio is accom-panied dynamically throughout the life cycle. With our approach you have the possibility to integrate modules, which enable the regular monitoring and adjustment of the end customer portfolio.

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