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The perfect solution for portfolio management

The vwd portfolio manager is the perfect portfolio management solution for Private Banking and Wealth Management. The system supports all process steps in portfolio management, from planning through implementation to controlling. It gives you the benefits of a standard software solution which can be scaled to your needs as required very flexibly, economically and quickly.

Use our application for successful long-term, regulation-compliant customer support and improve the quality of your advisory services and decisions.

vwd portfolio manager is fully integrated into your operating environment and supports you in all portfolio management process steps. Consolidated account and securities account overviews as well as customer profiles, including the respective investment goals and restrictions, are available in audit-proof (certified) form with daily updates (portfolio planning).

A range of evaluations to support your analysis of the current asset status, including tax position, of your clients along with cash flow and maturity forecasts reduce your workload in portfolio construction, monitoring and disposition (portfolio liquidation).

Monitor client portfolios or entire client groups at any time, based on aggregated key performance indicators. This will help you optimise the supervision of your asset management operations and meet all compliance and audit requirements. Individually configurable alerts will notify you automatically of any deviations or discrepancies, so that you can react quickly and provide an excellent customer service (portfolio controlling).

The majority of independent German asset managers and many banks already use vwd portfolio manager today – for good reason. You, too, can enjoy the benefits in your daily work and reduce manual operations to a minimum.

Transaction data is the fuel that drives the vwd portfolio manager. Whether client reporting or performance analysis, the transaction data from the portfolios that you manage is needed for all analyses. Accordingly, entering this data in an efficient, timely and accurate manner should be a central concern of any professional asset management. Putting regrouping decisions into practice quickly, accurately and cost-efficiently is equally important. Thanks to the continuous, automated process support provided by PSI, you are able to concentrate on your core tasks.


Overview interfaces

  • ALTE LEIPZIGER Trust Investment-Gesellschaft mbH
  • ƒƒAugsburger Aktienbank AG
  • ƒƒBankhaus Lampe KG
  • ƒƒBasler Financial Services GmbH
  • ƒƒCredit-Casse AG
  • ƒƒDahl & Partner Vermögensverwaltung AG
  • ƒƒDialog Vermögensmanagement GmbH
  • ƒƒDonner & Reuschel AG
  • ƒƒELAN Capital-Partners GmbH
  • ƒƒERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG
  • ƒƒFiduka Depotverwaltung GmbH
  • ƒƒFIVV AG
  • ƒƒFürst Fugger Privatbank KG
  • ƒƒFürstlich Castell‘sche Bank
  • ƒƒGebser & Partner AG
  • ƒƒHauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers KGaA
  • ƒƒHoerner Vermögensverwaltung GmbH
  • Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee AG
  • ƒƒITERGO Informationstechnologie
  • ƒƒKnoesel & Ronge Vermögensverwaltung GmbH & Co KG
  • maxpool Servicegesellschaft für Finanzdienstleister mbH
  • ƒƒPackenius, Mademann & Partner GmbH
  • ƒƒQuants Vermögensmanagement AG
  • ƒƒReinholz Capital
  • ƒƒRosenberger, Langer & Partner Capital Management
  • ƒƒSalzburg München Bank AG
  • ƒƒTUI AG