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vwd fund cloud

All fund data resides in one centralized database

vwd fund cloud allows you to generate, administer and publish fund information and documents that are always consistent and compliant with regulatory requirements – through all communication and sales channels.

At the heart of vwd fund cloud is the central database, access to which is via a browser-based interface. All data comes from a single source and undergoes strict quality control by trained and experienced teams. All data input – whether entered manually or through fully automated systems – is subjected to a plausibility check and, depending on the various applications, is held available for retrieval or maintenance according to a predefined role and authorization system. This means you have a unique, high-quality data source at your disposal and can rely on your information being always current and consistent across all channels.

For handling the import and export of data, numerous different formats and channels are available. Thus, we can process your data in the following formats: xml, text, csv, MS Excel, direct database connections and others on request. Documents can be delivered in any format, usually we process them as pdf. In either case for obtaining your data, ftp, sftp, ftps, http, https, email, webservice or direct database connections are just a few of the standard protocols we “speak”. For you, this means that we adjust to your processes, so you have no additional administration effort or expense.

Maintenance Center

Gives asset managers total control over their fund data and data quality via a cloud based self maintenance platform.

  • Browser based user interface
  • Flexible mapping and normalization of fund related data
  • From manual input to full automation and everything in between
  • Embedded Quality control
  • Enrichment
  • Full audit trail (who, when, where, from value what to what value…)
  • Complete roles-and-rights system

Distribution Center

Be in total control of who is receiving fund data. Asset managers can easily define up to field level what data is automatically distributed and how.

  • Central point for data dissemination
  • Predefined data format
  • Export both actual and historical information
  • Definition down to field level which data is distributed
  • Define schedule & transport mechanism (FTP, email, …) for dissemination
  • Management of recipient list
  • Delivery & workflow dashboard

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Document Center

Improve operational efficiency by easily build and automate the production of your documents.

  • Different Design templates
  • Factsheets, KIIDs, PRIIPs, …
  • Workflow management
  • Editable fields
  • Full audit trail
  • Accurate data due to extensive quality checks
  • Historisation of documents
  • Multilingual support

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Publication Center

A solution that is suitable from the smallest to the biggest fund- and wealth managers. All fund data is available throughout your organization.

  • Responsive design
  • State-of-the-Art design template
  • Intranet as well as public internet
  • Secure and scalable
  • Seamless integration into existing CMS Systems
  • Cross media listing offer (web, print, teletext)

Data Analytics Center

Improve transparency by outsourcing the independent calculation of key figures & ratings .

  • Return
  • Volatility
  • Diamonds
  • SRRI
  • EDG Risk
  • Risk adjusted returns
  • Peer group analysis

Service Portal

You will get comfortable and secure access to all requested modules of vwd fund cloud via the service portal. We also provide general market and peer group statistics as well as analysis there.

We will be glad to discuss your individual requirements with you in detail. Contact us at fundcloudvwdcom, and we will be pleased to call you back. More info can also be found at