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Press Release: vwd group supplying Fintech enterprise VisualVest with fund data

The vwd group is supplying fund data to financial investment adviser and broker VisualVest.

Through the online platform operated by VisualVest, private investors can invest their money in widely diversified portfolios of investment funds. Based on a scientific model, the investors’ individual opportunity/risk profile is identified and a carefully tailored investment strategy recommended. VisualVest offers portfolios from investment funds in various different asset classes, thus ensuring a balanced mix of security and return for every type of investor. The latter can choose from seven portfolios of actively managed funds, seven portfolios of exchange-traded index funds (ETFs), and three portfolios of sustainable funds.

To enable detailed graphic presentation of the fund data on the platform, which can be accessed by users via both a smartphone app and the browser on mobile terminal devices, VisualVest needed a data provider, and after the conduct of an extensive test phase, decided in favour of the vwd group. With its highly flexible data interface, vwd was found to be best able to meet the requirements of the Fintech enterprise, and now provides VisualVest on a daily basis with fund data for around 100 funds.

The supply and presentation of the data via the vwd interface is advantageous for VisualVest because it allows the data fields that are actually needed to be flexibly retrieved. The retrieval timing can also be freely chosen, as can the choice between a push and pull option. And thanks to a very flexible pricing model, the vwd group was able to make the still young enterprise an attractive offer.

“We highly value the flexible and professional collaboration with the vwd group. vwd reliably supplies us with the data needed for our portfolios of ETFs, actively managed and sustainable funds. We are able to obtain this data in the appropriately processed form via the vwd interface, enabling it to be optimally integrated in the required graphic form on our platform and in this way helping us to make our product offering as transparent as possible,” states Dr. Olaf Zeitnitz, of VisualVest.