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PRIIPS Regulation postponed until 2018!

Start your preparations for 2018 with the vwd group now. We offer practical solutions for ensuring your documents are compliant - from access to issuers’ original KIDs, through the archiving, generation and calculation of indicators, to the distribution of documents and PRIIP-relevant information.

The new PRIIPS Regulation will give rise to much work and expense on the part of issuers and sales offices of structured investment and insurance investment products. Once it becomes applicable, a large volume of PRIIP KIDs will need to be generated, distributed and archived.

For dealing with the complex requirements and challenges this will cause, we are able to offer you the appropriate solution.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the fields of document generation (e.g. PIBs or Fund Fact Sheets) and the calculation of indicators (risks, costs and performance scenarios) and our competence in regulatory matters, we can offer you a full-service solution. Our platform enables you to handle the generation and administration of KIDs (KID Tool), while the call-forward platform (vwd document manager) allows all market participants to access all relevant KID documents. Additionally, the vwd group offers a comprehensive distribution solution for disseminating the specified PRIIPS information.

All-in-one solution for advisers

For investment consultants, advisers at banks and savings banks, (online) brokers or asset managers, we offer a flexible platform which allows you access to the original KIDs of the issuers so as to ensure that all the regulatory requirements stipulated by the legislature are complied with. As well as holding the documents available, we naturally also offer certified, audit-compliant archiving of the documents called forward by you:

  • Central access to KIDs, KIIDs, prospectuses, individual customer documents
  • Generation of PIB for stocks and bonds
  • Metadata feed with relevant product information
  • Flexible interfaces
  • Web frontend
  • Archive

Further detailed information can be found here.

Full-service solution for issuers and offerers (insurers, capital management companies) of PRIIPs

Looking for a distribution solution for your KIDs?

The vwd document manager enables you, as the issuer, to supply your Key Information Documents (KIDs) for Packaged Retail and Insurance-Based Investment Products (PRIIPS) direct to the customer at the point of sale. When talking to their customers, staff of banks and insurance companies have direct online access to the valid documents.
We offer availability of the documents at the point of sale with virtually no input for the issuer whatsoever. You reach all customers supplied by vwd with financial market data, enabling you to gain additional points of sale and so boost the sale of your products (certificates, equity warrants, investment funds).

Further information on document distribution can be found here.

In your capacity as an insurance or capital management company, you wish to call up, generate or distribute documents that are compliant with all regulations. vwd is able to offer you a wide range of assistance with your solutions.

Further information on this point can also be found here.

Specifically with capital management companies in mind, the vwd group also offers a distribution solution via vwd fund cloud. This enables you to generate, administer and publish consistent and compliant fund information and documents through all communication and sales channels. This tool gives you, as a capital management company, the possibility - among other things - to make all information that is relevant for PRIIPs available to the insurance industry.

More information on this is available here.

Need support for generating KIDS via the vwd Generator Platform?

This complete modular solution for the generation and administration of PRIIP KIDs is flexible and adaptable. It allows you to decide whether to use our complete package or to choose only individual modules such as templates, master data, market data, indicators, generation/archiving, or to utilise the practical, clearly designed dashboard:

  • Calculation of indicators
  • Template editor
  • Workflow support
  • Process control
  • Flexible interfaces
  • Archive

You already have a KID generation solution and need support in calculating indicators?

Slim down your processes by outsourcing the calculation of independent indicators, ratings, and benchmark and peer group comparisons:

  • Risk indicators (SRI)
  • Performance scenarios
  • Cost indicators (RIY)