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Wealth management: Looking into the future

This is the topic of the impulse lecture by Udo Kersting, Managing Director of vwd, on 18 June 2019 at the conference of FUCHS | RICHTER PRÜFINSTANZ "Asset Management in Wealth Management", to which we invite you. (This is a German speaking event.)

With 1.2 trillion Euros, Germany is the second largest market after Great Britain for business with high yield private banking and wealth management customers in Europe. Growth outlook for the private banking and wealth management market remains positive. Yet, transfering this growth into targeted revenues and profits is an increasing challange. Namely, the gap between revenue and cost has widened in recently. The reasons for this are well known: Regulatory costs, outdated infrastructures, hardly any customer-centric digital solutions and, in particular, the intense competition in the German market. How can this negative development be broken through? What are the key success factors leading to improved profitability? How can the transformation succeed? The internal workflows must deliver the desired value contributions, higher efficiency is indispensable for future success - and also regulatory compliant. And the growing demands of investors must be taken into account. This is precisely where we support our customers in digitizing internal processes and the customer channel with a modular solution offering that covers the entire value chain in private banking.

As a partner of Fuchsbriefe, we invite you to the conference "Asset Management in Wealth Management" of FUCHS | RICHTER PRÜFINSTANZ on 18 June 2019. Click here to find more details and for registration.