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Business Process Outsourcing

BPO solutions for all aspects of professional portfolio management.
At a glance

For over 20 years now, vwd has been a leading provider of portfolio management services. In this function, it also performs duties as a Business Process Outsourcer, taking care of all back office activities on behalf of asset managers, family offices or banks – efficiently, reliably and punctually. A high-performance team deals with the complete data management, including operation of the bank data interfaces and the manual entry of transaction and data.

Your benefits
  • A high-performance team with over 20 years’ experience in transaction management and high expertise in accounting of complex or unclear transactions
  • Handling of 150 depositaries at home and abroad
  • Efficient daily processing, checking and approval of all transactions on the “4-eyes principle” in order to improve quality
  • High-speed clarification through established processes
  • Manual checking and correction of booking errors arising in automated transaction processing
  • Handling of postings ensured even in the event of automated processing system failure
  • Reliable and rapid on-boarding of new depositaries or customers

Are you an asset or family office manager, for example, and want to focus fully on your core activities and no longer have to concern yourself with data administration, software and infrastructure operation? Or do you perhaps have difficulty bridging capacity bottlenecks in the back office? If so, our BPO solution is the perfect answer for you. The combination of service and hosting solution not only takes some of the burden off your shoulders, it provides you with enhanced data quality and guarantees timely management of all transactions.

To enable you to focus on your core activities, we can offer you a range of services in all aspects of professional portfolio management. As well as a comprehensive software solution that supports all stages of the portfolio management process – from planning and implementation, right through to control – we can also handle the complete back office on your behalf. All transactions, from the creation to the balancing of deposit accounts, can be handled by us efficiently, reliably and punctually.


Complementary Software


Software for portfolio analysis and management, decision making, investment strategy, reporting, performance measurement, statistics and compliance.


Portfolio Manager

Portfolio management solution for private banking and wealth management, asset management, independent
asset managers, foundations and family offices.




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