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The ideal complement to our BPO offer for professional portfolio management.

At a glance

The comprehensive offering supports independent asset managers and family offices with numerous functions to maintain an overview of client custody accounts at all times without having to worry about day-to-day administrative business.

Your benefits
  • Complete takeover of your back office for efficient and high-quality recording of business transactions and reconciliation of custody account positions.
  • Web-based user interface with numerous analysis options, comprehensive consolidation function at various levels (client advisor, client or portfolio, asset class or currency, investment strategy, etc.), compliance functions and monitoring.
  • Complete end-of-day valuation of all custody account positions using checked price sources
  • Customizable reporting and audit-proof archiving of business-relevant documents

PortfolioNet© gives you access to numerous information and analysis functions for the securities accounts you manage. From an overview of all assets to the display of the individual transactions, all relevant information is visible. These include additional functions such as target/actual comparison, performance attribution, flexible reporting functions or support for compliance implementation.

> PortfolioNet Consolidated statement of assets (Example)

Our powerful BPO offering forms a fixed part of PortfolioNet: We take over the complete back office and depot administration on your behalf. We process all business transactions from the creation to the balancing of a securities account efficiently and transparently. The comprehensive range of services and portfolio management solution not only relieves you, but also offers higher data quality and guarantees prompt management of all business transactions.



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