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Data Manager

Flexible data feeds for your individual applications.

At a glance

The Data Manager solutions provide you with access to approx. 120 stock exchanges, 35 futures and commodities exchanges, 180 OTC contributors and more than 500 capital management and investment companies.

Your benefits

  • Up-to-the minute price data, key figures, master data and business news via one connection
  • Update rates from real time to end-of-day delivery
  • Support with licensing and settlement with exchanges
  • Cost efficiency thanks to modular content packages
  • Easy link-up to existing IT landscapes, and rapid time-to-market
  • Data hosting on redundant servers in the ISO 9001/IEC 27001 certified and K-case secure Equinix data center (FR2 and FR7)

You can easily integrate both stock exchange and OTC market data in your own applications and processes, whether they relate to shares, indices, bonds, foreign currency, funds, certificates, warrants or other derivatives. The corresponding master data and historical prices over a period of more than 20 year are centrally updated in the datacentre of the vwd and made available for retrieval.

In doing so, we attach great importance to customized and benefit-optimized delivery routes for a variety of application areas.

The customized compilation of data offers you an optimum cost/benefit ratio. Select the content packages that are relevant for you and the provision of the data in the format required by you, e.g. XML, CSV or ASCII.

Standardized interfaces ensure the smooth connection to your existing IT landscape and a stable and secure data transfer with the requested data freshness (real-time, delayed, end-of-day).

Data Manager Solutions

Data Manager Connect

Java or .NET api for the supply of complete stock exchange and contribution data or individually selected instruments, push or pull.

Finance Api

A wide-ranging WebSocket-based gateway for integrating financial market data into your app or portal application.

Data Manager xml

Individually selected instruments from stock exchanges or contributors as snapshots or time series, or real-time, delayed or end-of-day updates.



Data Manager Connect (download product sheet) allows you to integrate up-to-the-minute rates, indices and prices into your own corporate applications or your website. The focus is on providing you solely with the data of relevance to you and so ensures cost-efficient use for you.
State-of-the-art technology with interfaces for Java und .NET, in combination with use of class libraries, ensures hitch-free connection to your existing IT development environment and enables extremely rapid integration of the data feed into your systems.
Data Manager Connect offers a single, universal point of access for all data inquiries. It provides an interactive data feed (publish and subscribe) in JSON or XML formats. It allows the parallel delivery of anything from single instruments to complete stock exchange data, and is equipped with features such as automatic load balancing, failover and optional “hot stand-by” backup mode. The interface supports up to 500,000 refreshes per second (Data hosting on redundant servers in the ISO 9001/IEC 27001 certified and K-case secure Equinix data center (FR2 and FR7)).



A large proportion of our customers are banks and financial service providers, for whom data quality, performance and reliability are of outstanding importance. The Finance API obtains its data from the same highperforming back-end and therefore offers you a dependable source for several hundred thousand financial instruments.
The gateway combines various RESTful services from vwd for integrating financial market data into your app or portal application.
Based on HTML5 and Node.js, the vwd finance api allows seamless integration into all types of client-side Javascript frameworks (e.g. Angular, Highchart, React, Webix etc.). The use of Node.js reduces the work volume for the application developer to a single API. The only quality parameter required is the need to select either “Pull” or “Push” when accessing. This therefore makes the installation of limits or alerts, in particular, much more efficient.
The Finance API is available for use on the basis of npm and can be integrated into Docker-based systems. Alternatively, you can select the client for direct integration via script-tag, rendering npm and Node.js dispensable.
Interactive financial charts can also be supplied via the Finance API with raw data in JSON format. Alternatively, you may wish to create your own individual charts (e.g. using the Highcharts API), or entrust us to generate them for you on the basis of your data feed for use as HTMLIncludes or in IFrames for direct integration into your application.

Download Produktblatt


Data Manager xml is a highly capable, high-performing market data interface. It is used for the delivery of standardised functions in XML via HTTP-Request, for example for your brokerage or individual in-house requirements. The data and functions cover all areas of market data provision and can be easily expanded if your needs so demand.

Data Manager Compact

Individually configurable pathway for delivering market and master data on the basis of your portfolio.

Data Manager Treasury

Standard data packets to meet the requirements of corporate treasury and procurement. With the closing rates of the foreign exchange, financial and commodity markets.

Data Manager Funds

A source for price and market data of over 45,000 funds directly from more than 500 investment companies.


We can supply you with the vwd data manager quickly and compactly, with market and master data in just one data file.
You specify what data fields and information you wish to have shown on the basis of the instrument identifiers required by you (ISIN, vwd symbol, WKN) and at what time the complete data should be provided.
We will complete the pre-defined data fields for the identifiers provided by you and send the information back to you via the FTP server so that the complete data sets can then, for example, be incorporated into existing systems or are available for special requirements in connection with compliance or risk controlling.

The Data Manager Treasury provides you with a wide range of data on interest and foreign exchange rates. The data packets provided are based on both raw data and on calculated historical market volatility by Infront, as well as on the data provided by the brokers Tullett Prebon. The comprehensive range of standard packets gives you the advantage of receiving the precise data that you require. Thus, flexibility and cost-efficiency are perfectly combined.
The data can be quickly and easily integrated into existing treasury systems such as SAP, Reval, Bellin, Sungard, Technosis or Trinity.

Download Productsheet

As a competent and experienced partner to the fund industry, Infront has been gathering and processing fund information for more than 20 years now. Over 50,000 professional users place their trust daily in the quality of our data. They benefit from comprehensive, up-to-date information on over 45,000 funds of more than 500 capital management companies on the German, Austrian, Swiss, Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg markets.

The data we provide to you is supplied to us directly by the capital management companies. This cuts time lags to a minimum. Extensive monitoring routines are used for the process of collecting and handling from the primary sources. This is because our aim is to ensure not only an extensive supply of data, but also offer our clients consistent data quality to the highest standard. Any faulty or implausible information immediately triggers a process of crosschecking with the data source with the purpose of ensuring the greatest possible transparency.

In addition to the master and price data for funds, vwd also delivers the regulatory data under MiFID II, which is included in the EMT and EPT templates.

With our closeness to the fund industry and memberships in the national industry associations, we are informed early on of current developments and changes in background conditions and are able to constantly adjust our processes. This ensures that our clients are free to focus on their primary tasks. An experienced project team will be pleased to assist you in identifying your own specific needs and the technical requirements needed for smooth integration of our data into your systems.




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