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vwd portfolio risk service

Professional risk measurement and risk management at portfolio level.

At a glance

In addition to risk classification at individual product level, Portfolio Risk Service enables you to measure risk at portfolio level, taking diversification effects into account.

Your benefits

  •  Professional, fast portfolio risk model
  • Complete risk transparency
  • Meaningful risk reporting
  • Technical assistance
  • Provision of generated key figures for any further use
  • High-quality risk forecasts
  • Standardization of processes and calculations

In addition to risk classification at the individual product level, the vwd portfolio risk service allows you to calculate risk at the portfolio level, whilst taking diversification effects into account.

You can continuously check whether the portfolio risk is suitable for your clients' risk profile. Meanwhile, detailed analyses of the portfolio risk and the risk contribution allow you to control your portfolios professionally in line with risk.

Quantitative risk assessment with the vwd portfolio risk service helps you to fulfil the high expectations of demanding clients in the private banking and wealth management spheres, as well as the current regulatory requirements, which may increase in the future. Risks are measured for normal market conditions and periods of market stress. Clear reports and evaluations ease both your decision-making when it comes to managing portfolios, and communication with your clients – either using your own portfolio management system or the vwd portfolio manager.



Any questions?

If you have any questions about the
vwd portfolio risk service, feel free to contact
Burhan Sancar.

Phone: +49 69 50701-294
E-mail: bsancar(at)



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