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vwd market manager

Your market data system for real-time financial information.
At a glance

The market data system provides you with realtime financial market data. With its flexible content portfolio, this efficient workflow support solution saves you time to optimize your trading decisions and develop your customer relationships.

Your benefits
  • Broad range of worldwide stock exchange data
  • Flexible content modules for financial service provider, Corporate Treasury, metals and commodity trade
  • Efficient workflow support
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Permissionable according to your needs Multilingual

Do you always keep an eye on what is currently happening in the market? Do the information and data provided by your market data system meet your requirements? Do they give you enough time to let you optimise your trading decisions and expand your customer relations? Do they provide you with the necessary basis so you can address your clients’ needs in the best possible way?

The vwd market manager financials combines comprehensive content, a carefully designed user surface and attractive value for money. It is easy to integrate into an existing technical infrastructure, and thus fulfils the requirements of users, controlling departments and organisation/IT.

The comprehensive vwd pages offer an easy introduction and navigation aid, providing a fast and compact summary of what is happening in the market. They guide you through the entire vwd content universe in a way that is self-explanatory. You can manage your area of work in the navigator, either in the standard vwd layout or customised in line with your own personal wishes and demands.

Choose the data and news packets that you require from our extensive range of different content modules. We are constantly developing all of the functions included in the program (e.g. borrowing calculator, limits & alert server, options matrix or the real-time portfolio, which is available in multiple currencies) to ensure that you are always at the forefront of the action.


Use cases

vwd market manager

Your direct contact to the financial and foreign exchange markets. All of the content modules available have been especially adapted to suit the requirements of the treasury.

vwd market manager

Provides detailed information on current and historical prices with a choice of special news and price data packages (DEL-Notiz, MG Base Metal Index, London fixings and lots more).

vwd market manager
soft commodities

Contains extensive up-to-date data from the international agricultural markets. With comprehensive packets of content containing news, stock exchange data and kerb market data specifically for the animal feed and cereal markets.

Professional treasury management allows you to increase your company's potential earning opportunities. The latest rates and prices combined with sound background information form the basis of active financial management. This is the only way to correctly assess developments in the market and to act or react promptly to them.

The vwd market manager treasury provides you with a broad spectrum of information: You receive foreign exchange prices, money and capital market rates, market returns, swaps, forward rate agreements (FRAs), caps, floors and swaptions from various brokers (e.g. Tullett Prebon and ICAP).

You can access both German and international indexes as well as investment fund prices. Options and futures from Eurex, Xetra data as well as stocks and bonds from the German floor exchange system are all available in real-time. In addition, you receive reports from all of the key financial markets, interest and currency rate prognoses and comprehensive financial news.

Download Productsheet

Target and trackdown information quickly and easily with the application’s fast search function (using incomplete words or key words) or the more detailed news search (using a number of search fields). You can select your own preferred method of showing prices and news, e.g. arbitrage tables, lists,
tickers, charts or graphically in the form of vertical quotes, visual quotes, full quotes, times and sales diagrams or as self-defined quote lists.

All of the data can be imported easily into MS Excel, allowing you to perform your own unlimited calculations.

With the vwd market manager soft commodities, you profit from the benefits of an automatic market price feed in real-time. Price history, charts, functions like alerts and tickers, as well as simple and intuitive operation, all add to the benefits.

All of the data can be compiled on individual pages and, as such, provide an ideal overview of the market. You can choose your preferred display method for the market data and news, e.g. arbitrage tables, lists, news tickers, charts or market data supported by graphics in the form of vertical quote, visual quote, full quote, time & sales presentations or as self-defined quote lists.

Limit alerts provide you with visual and/or acoustic alerts about key movements on the market. The export function in MS Excel gives you complete freedom when it comes to carrying out your own calculations.



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